"Initial Preparations"

Week 2 (Friday 5th March)

When I was first looking for Universities in which to apply to do an MSc, it was the opportunity of a 5 month research project at The University of York that really caused me to apply. To me, this was one of the most important aspects of the programme, as it would allow me to pursue the specific area of acoustics that interested me most, as well as working with a company relevant to my skills and interests and that could possibly help in making industry connections. As my interests are focussed heavily around loudspeaker design and acoustic modelling, I looked for companies and organisations with these subject areas at their core. These same interests meant that Andrew Jones was a name I'd been aware of for some time. Currently at ELAC, Jones is one of the most important loudspeaker designers currently. After contacting ELAC I was surprised and delighted to receive a very positive and engaged response. After several emails over several weeks, I managed to get a dialogue going with Andrew Jones on the possibility of a research collaboration. He was very responsive to the idea and extremely helpful in putting forward a suggested general outline for the scope of the project. As well as this, a reading list of around 25 journal papers and 4 books were suggested by Jones as starter reading material. This was invaluable and really helped me improve my knowledge of the area surrounding the project prior to getting started.

The project outline suggested by Andrew Jones was as follows:


  • Construct of a group of loudspeakers of varying sizes

  • Calculate their low frequency response from their measured impedance curve

  • Calculate their cabinet diffraction response using established techniques

  • Measure their nearfield response and compare to calculated response

  • Measure their farfield response within a room where the boundaries are of such a size that the reflections can be gated out

  • Compare to the diffraction calculated response and check how close the results match

  • Next introduce a close boundary and observe its effect upon the measurement

  • Make second measurement at boundary surface

  • Subtract boundary response from primary response, compensating for delay and attenuation

  • Compare results to boundary free measurement

  • Develop algorithm to optimize and automate the subtractive process.  

This Week


Due to the large amount of reading material recommended by Andrew Jones, a good proportion of the last few weeks has consisted of just that. There are approximately 10 papers on diffraction from loudspeaker baffles, and another 10 on measurement techniques relevant to the project. I am gradually making my way through these in order to familiarise myself which the topic area thoroughly and allow me to move forward quicker. In addition to this there a 4 books relating to audio engineering practises that cover a wide area. I am also spending time looking at these.

This Week's Supervision Meeting

The first of many supervisions took place between my supervisor Tony Tew and myself this week to begin looking at the scope of the project. There were concerns as to precisely what would be involved in each step of the project, and whether it would all be achievable in the 5 month timeframe. The possibility of using a software model rather than physically taking measurements was also considered. The outlined project set out by Andrew were looked over and it was decided that much more specific information about exactly what would be involved was needed in order to get the ball rolling. It was decided the next course of action was to email Jude Brereton (head of programme) and try to get a dialogue going between her and Andrew Jones to get much more specific detail about how the project would work and what precisely would be entailed. It was also suggested by Tony that a Skype meeting be arranged with Andrew Jones in a couple of weeks.

Plan for the Coming Week

  • Continue making my way through the reading

  • Contact Jude regarding getting a much clearer picture from Andrew Jones what precisely is involved in this project. (much confusion) 

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