"First Contact"

Week 4 (Friday 19th May)

As the literature review deadline creeps ever nearer, the importance of nailing down exactly what the scope of what my project will be, becomes increasingly important. It's fair to say its been a very slow start to the project, which wasn't what I had hoped for but unfortunately couldn't have been avoided. I have done a great deal of reading these last few weeks, which is always helpful and indeed I feel much more informed on the subject as a result. This reading of course will be invaluable when coming to write my literature review in the coming weeks. 

Skype Meeting with Andrew Jones

A skype meeting this week was finally organised in order to speak directly with Andrew Jones in regards to my project for the first time. After 30 minutes of technical issues regarding an internet connection, we finally made first contact (hence the close encounters image to the right) . The purpose of the meeting of

course was to gain some clarity as to how the steps that Andrew outlined would work in practise. I furiously scribbled notes as Andrew Jones spoke about a broad range of loudspeaker performance issues he has attempted to solve over the years, and it was a real privilege to talk to an individual with such in depth knowledge of their field. Prior to the meeting, I had done a great deal of reading into the topics surrounding my project. I had put together a list of questions for each step that Andrew had outlined in his project summary, in order to gain as much information and clarity as possible. Tony and I went through the questions I had prepared prior to our skype meeting, to ensure the questions were sensible and not ill informed. Tony was happy with the questions so we proceeded with the skype meeting. The scope of the meeting was extremely broad, discussing a range of loudspeaker related issues Andrew had attempted to solve, or gain an understanding of in the past. It was so broad in fact that it was difficult to discern what information was relevant to my project, and what was simply interesting background information provided by Andrew. We also discussed the practical elements of the project - what facilities and equipment we have at our disposal as well as what Andrew would provide in order to carry out the measurements.  As the meeting went on and Andrew gained a better understanding of the nature of the project, as well as the time constraints I am under, we began to realise the large scale project that Andrew had suggested just wouldn't be attainable in the time frame available to me. We therefore honed in on a more specific (and smaller) project. The skype meeting lasted around 30 minutes, and by the end we had a better understanding of a more achievable project.


After conclusion of the meeting, I was instructed by Tony to write up the new project and send it to him to look over, after which he would send it over to Andrew in order to confirm what we think we need to do - is what we need to do!

In addition to this, Andrew said he would put together a new and more concise reading list - more specific to the scope of my new project.

The "new" project outline was written up by myself as follows:

  • Using a small loudspeaker or loudspeakers Andrew provides with small driver size:

  • first measure the impedance curve using logarithmic sine sweep (we're still doing this step?)

  • Calculate frequency response from measured impedance curve (Andrew again mentioned this in the meeting but I still don't fully understand how this is achieved)

  • Measure nearfield response down to approximately 200hz

  • Measure farfield response at 1m directly infront of loudspeaker

  • Next introduce boundary (as a floor) and calculate the location of first reflection on the floor

  • Take a measurement (of what?) at the floor 

  • Subtract measurement at floor away from the farfield measurement without floor boundary


The overall aim then is to simulate the performance of a loudspeaker in a room as if it were in an anechoic chamber.

Plan for the Coming Week

The "new" project outline was sent to Tony today (Fri 19th May) and so once this is looked over and sent to Andrew, I can start much more specific reading as well as beginning my literature review.

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